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Polimon - Political Monsters Available on Mobile

Polimon - Political Monsters is our latest upcoming game release. Polimon is a political satirical game stylized like Pokemon, parodying U.S. politicians and the overall political environment.


Take control of your own Political Monster, gaining supporters, smitting your enemies, and draining your donors.

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The Uninvited Guests is Available on Mobile

SocioTown Uninvited Guests is a classic adventure game with a modern twist. It features popular characters from the browser-based SocioTown MMO.


Players help Toby clear out uninvited guests from his apartment in this unique adventure game featuring detailed pre-rendered 3D graphics.

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Read our Gameography

Read our Gameography to learn about all the past games we have developed over the years. Outside The Box Software has been developing small Independent games since 2004, while many of the early games are no longer for sale, the Gameography is a great section to see where we've been and the progress we've made.

Also we will gradually make efforts to make our older games available to download for free.