Polimon Gameplay Screen Shots Unveiled

Last week we revealed the first Polimon characters. This week we are unveiling the first gameplay screen shots!

First gameplay footage of a multi-character battle between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.
The first gameplay footage featuring a multi-character battle between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

These initial gameplay screen shots show an example of a multi-character battle. In Polimon, it’s not only just politicians battling each other 1v1, but their supporters can join in the battle as well.

These screen shots introduce two types of Polimon. Candidate Polimon and Supporter Polimon.

Candidate Polimon

Candidate Polimon are well-known politicians who have been a Presidential candidate before or they’re politicians who are likely to run for President in the near future. Candidate Polimon are playable characters in the game.

Supporter Polimon

Supporter Polimon represent demographic groups that tend to support particular politicians or interests. Throughout the game, your main Candidate Polimon will try to “capture” various Supporter to join your campaign. Some Supporter Polimon will be easier to capture than others.

Once a Supporter Polimon joins your campaign, you can use them in a Polimon battle and you’ll be able to have a multi-character battle like the ones seen in the above screen shots.