BlockHeads Maze Royale Announced!

Today we’re announcing BlockHeads Maze Royale! This marks the return of the Blockhead characters, one of the original character franchises developed by Outside The Box Software over a decade ago.

Image of Title Screen (Work in Progress)

You can read about the original BlockHeads Clash in our Gameography here:

As mentioned in the Gameography, we planned for the BlockHeads franchise to resurface on Mobile. BlockHeads Maze Royale is now that realization.

More details will be revealed over the coming months, but for now BlockHeads Maze Royale can be described asĀ  a unique mashup of bomberman, dungeon crawler, and battle royale gameplay.

Follow us on Instagram @otbsgames for regular updates. Right now we’re aiming for a late 2019 release after Polimon.