First Polimon Characters Revealed

These are the first Polimon Characters to be revealed.

The first GOP Polimon to be revealed, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.
The first DEM Polimon to be revealed, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump is an obvious choice, he’s the current President of the United States and leader of the Republican Party.

Marco Rubio is currently a US Senator from Florida and a former Presidential candidate.  Rubio is considered a rising star in the GOP. He most likely will not run a primary challenge against Trump in 2020, but it’s very likely Rubio will run in 2024.

Hilary Clinton, former First Lady, former US Senator, former Secretary of State, and former Presidential Candidate (2 times). Currently Clinton is a private citizen with no future plans for politics but her presence in politics still loom large mostly due to Donald Trump and allies still using her as a foil.

Bernie Sanders is currently the US Senator from Vermont and a former Presidential candidate. Sanders commands a large vocal following and he still wields a lot of influence in the Democratic party. Odds are strong he will make another Presidential run.